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Representative Cases

Our office has been successful in obtaining tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our many clients. The following are examples of cases we have handled:

Motor vehicle accidents:

A city bus stopped short causing our client to fall to the floor. He suffered a herniated disc in his neck that required surgery. The bus company tried to claim that he was drunk at the time of the accident. A jury awarded him $1,525,000.

Our client was trying to help push a car. The car accidentally jumped forward pinning him against the wall. He suffered urological injuries. We obtained a settlement of $1,200,000.

Our client’s vehicle was struck by another motor vehicle. He suffered a fractured hip requiring surgery. After several weeks on trial a settlement of $625,000 was obtained.

Our client was driving a motorcycle that was in a collision with a car. He suffered a head injury, a fractured wrist, requiring surgery, and a fractured scapula. The car operator’s representatives claimed that our client was 100 percent at fault and refused to pay on his claim. Through eye witness testimony we were able to establish that our client had the right of way. We made a motion to the court to find the defendant responsible. The court denied our motion and we appealed. The appellate division reversed the lower court and found the car operator 100 percent at fault. We thereafter obtained a settlement of $1,000,000.

Our client was a truck driver making a delivery of cardboard boxes. When he arrived at his destination he opened the back of his truck and bundles of cardboard boxes fell out of the truck, striking him. He suffered a fractured wrist requiring multiple surgeries, and a torn rotator cuff of his shoulder. We sued the company that had packed the boxes on his truck. We established that the company had not followed its own procedures for properly loading and securing the cargo in the truck. The box company went into bankruptcy. We were able to obtain a settlement in which we acquired stock in the company, which we were able to sell for more than $1,600,000 when the company emerged from bankruptcy.

Our client, a 74-year-old woman, was crossing Fordham Road when she was struck by a car. The car operator testified that she had the right of way because our client was not in the crosswalk and was jaywalking. Our client suffered a fractured humerus, requiring surgery and a fractured fibula. We obtained settlement of $700,000.

Construction accidents:

Our client was working on a construction site. He slipped and fell on construction garbage and required hip surgery. We obtained a settlement of $970,000.

Our client was working on a construction site when, while crossing from the sidewalk bridge to a truck on a wooden plank, the plank broke, causing him to fall about 15 feet to the ground. He suffered a fractured wrist, requiring surgery, and other back, knee and shoulder injuries. We obtained a settlement of $2,500,000.

Premises accidents:

A child fell out of her apartment window due to the lack of a window guard and suffered a head injury. We obtained a settlement of $1,500,000.

Our client was walking through a building under construction and fell due to an unfinished stairway. He required leg surgery. We obtained a settlement of $750,000.

An apartment ceiling fell, striking our client. As a result she required shoulder surgery. We obtained a settlement of $400,000 for her.

Our client fell on a city sidewalk, next to a construction site. He suffered a hand injury and chipped a tooth. A jury awarded him $800,000.

Products liability:

A teenage girl working in a restaurant got her hand caught in a meat grinder, severely injuring several fingers. We sued the manufacturer of the meat grinder and obtained a settlement of $500,000.

A school employee injured her neck while pushing an X-ray scanning machine. She required neck surgery. We sued the manufacturer of the scanning machine claiming that the wheels were too small. We obtained a settlement of $250,000.

We have successfully undertaken to represent clients in many difficult cases, on occasion where other lawyers refused to get involved:

A client’s car skidded off the roadway and landed in the Bronx River. We were able to show that Westchester County had built the roadway too close to the river and should have had a guard rail. We recovered $225,000.

A client drove off the roadway and struck construction material on the roadway. Blood tests showed that he had three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. We contended that the roadway construction was dangerous and contributed to the accident. We recovered $150,000.

A client slipped on a floor mat while entering a drugstore. He was coming from dialysis and a witness stated that he had fallen because he felt weak and got dizzy. We recovered $210,000.

Your case will be given every consideration. You will benefit from our many years of experience in evaluating every possible way of obtaining a recovery for you. You will get to know the attorney working with you and our office staff. We will do our best to help you with all aspects of your case, including your medical bills and lost wages.